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Mohammad Sajid
March 16, 2018

Python pandas library for DataScience

Mohammad Sajid
March 10, 2018

Applied Data Science with Python – Part 2

Mohammad Sajid
March 10, 2018

Applied Data Science with Python – Part 1

Arogyalokesh Vutukuru
March 9, 2018

Will Artificial Intelligence Create a New Job

Mohammad Sajid
February 26, 2018

50 R Language Tips

Pritha Chanda
February 23, 2018

Power BI – An Interactive Visualisation Tool

Mohammad Sajid
February 21, 2018

Free Data Science eBooks

Mohammad Sajid
February 13, 2018

Universities offering Masters in Data Science

Subhankar khatua
January 17, 2018

Decision Tree

Arka Dey
January 17, 2018

Random Forest

Mohammad Sajid
January 12, 2018

Scikit-Learn Cheat Sheet

Arka Dey
January 9, 2018

Market Basket Analysis

Aishwarya Nikumbh
September 10, 2017

Kmeans Clustering

Arka Dey
August 25, 2017

Time Series Forecasting Using R

Md zishan hussain
August 24, 2017

Logistic Regression in R

Mohammad Sajid
August 15, 2017

Top Data Science Geek to follow on GitHub

Mohammad Sajid
August 14, 2017

Data Set Repository

shreya Bhan
August 2, 2017

Point Estimation

Aishwarya Nikumbh
July 6, 2017


Joseph Badana Rivera
June 4, 2017


Mohammad Sajid
May 10, 2017

Steps Of Modelling

Mohammad Sajid
April 29, 2017


What People Say

About StepUp Analytics Trainings, Workshop and Faculties

Pardeep Singh Jamwal

Pardeep Singh Jamwal

Very informative sessions during the workshop. instructor performance is very nice. sir clear doubts of each and every participant with utmost care....feel good to attend this course
Sagrika Aggarwal Delhi University

Sagrika Aggarwal

I had attended a 6-day workshop which was really good. The experience was overwhelming. The teacher has very good concept clarity and is proficient in his field.
Surabhi Grover Delhi University

Surabhi Grover

I have gained immense knowledge on the subject through the training program.

Peter Packer

Data Science Enthusiast
I have final year graduate student in Data Science. I was enrolled in Data Science Using Python Course in StepUp Analytics. The session was really very helpful and was hands on driven. Got a chance to work with some real time project under the trainer.
Seema Gupta Delhi University

Seema Gupta

The instructor is very knowledgeable. Very nicely delivered lectures
Jatin Gupta

Jatin Gupta

B.Sc Statistics Student
This was a really good experience for me because as a commerce student when we are doing business, we rely only on the analyst but by learning R we are able to understand the analyst 's review regarding our business and make improvements according to it.
Deepanshi Bhatia

Deepanshi Bhatia

The 6-day workshop that I attended with the step up analytics professional Mr Premnath Dalai was amazing.There were full concept clarity and individual attention.
Ria Sadhu

Ria Sadhu

This 6 days workshop in R was very informative and interactive.Premnath sir gave individual attention to every student having doubts.Apart from explaining the functions and packages in R, he also mentioned its interpretations with respect to real-life business situations.
Gaurang Sharma Delhi University

Gaurang Sharma

It's been a wonderful experience being trained by Mr Prem Nath. Step Up Analytics is a wonderful platform for aspiring Data Scientists and Analysts. It serves as a wonderful institution which provides with an in-depth knowledge of R, Python and other statistical tools for data manipulation.

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