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As a contributor to The StepUp Analytics, you'll receive your own Author Page. This includes a head shot, short bio (around 150 words), and will show all articles you've written for StepUp Analytics.
Articles can range anywhere from 700-1200 words. Whatever it takes to tell your learning, that's how long we want it to be. Make sure you have discussed the topics with relevant examples, screen shots and codes if needed.
Your article will be a blog post on StepUp Analytics and shared on social media and other forums for readers. Plus, every now and then, we take some of our reader’s favorite posts and send them to readers through emails.


Your article will most likely be published two-three days after the final edits.
Once your application has been accepted, you'll work closely with an editor to make your article shine. We prefer drafts in Google Doc format, and will usually do one or two rounds of edits. Once the edits are done, we'll get it published!
Absolutely! As long as everything works out with your first article submission, we welcome you back anytime.
Since you’re submitting the article for original publication on StepUp Analytics, we own the article. However, we understand you may want to share part of it on your own site. Just be sure to link back to StepUp Analytics!


Write for Us